Here's how to eliminate risk of monster fines as a party venue

A super system that eliminates the risk of monster fines


When there is partying until the early hours, staff to serve all those partygoers is simply necessary. So too at t'Hoornaerts in Kachtem, a party venue for banqueting, weddings and business seminars.


Foto: Jonas Verbeke Photography


“Correct time registration is quite challenging in the challenging context of a party venue, but at the same time much needed to avoid monster fines," testifies manager Stijn Hoornaert. "To facilitate this, bookU is the perfect and above all secure tool, which also brings a lot of transparency. The system also ensures that there can be no mismatches between the hours actually performed, given that a picture is taken at the start and at the end of each shift. It is exactly that unambiguity that our employees also really appreciate!"


Foto: Jonas Verbeke Photography



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