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Time registration

Time tracker
and processing

With this module from bookU, you are guaranteed a fast and correct payroll, regardless of the complexity of work regimes or the number of employees. Whether they are permanent, part-time, flexible or freelance, with bookU you ensure streamlined payroll processing without hassles or irritations.

Performance processing

Time tracker

Through bookU, you effortlessly process all performances, and link them at lightning speed to your HR partners, employment office or social secretariat.


In addition, bookU automatically generates correct encodings of the times worked. Do you want to be able to allocate things like overtime, repayment claims, night hours or others? No problem at all, with bookU!


Want to know how time registration works through bookU?

A time tracker has long since ceased to be the outdated batching system of old. With bookU, you have an innovative time tracker for effortless time registration, through an application on a tablet in the workplace, the web timer or the employee's bookU app.


Batching yourself through your smartphone? Download the bookU time tracker app, log in through your unique PIN and use the time tracker when starting and stopping your job!




Why work with bookU for your time registration?

Less administration

Streamlined payroll without hassle, regardless of the complexity of work regimes or number of employees.

Time saved

The most user-friendly time tracker for employees, resulting in efficient and error-free service processing.


Optimisation of business operations through the innovative time tracker, speeding up payroll processing and error-free payment.


Availabilities & work schedules


Dimona & contracts

Time registration

Time tracker and processing