About bookU

The pocket-sized workforce
management tool

Since our founding in 2015, at bookU, our mission  has been to make workforce management a whole lot easier. We embrace the growing flexibility of the labour market with its home working and diverse work regimes, based on the belief that bookU, as an integrated, intuitive software tool, can contribute incredibly to administrative simplification.

About bookU

Together for less paperwork

Scheduling, monitoring and paying out the variety of permanent and temporary employees, it could be easier. Hence: bookU as a way to meet this, no matter how small or large your organisation is.

How we work

Decisiveness is rewarded for those who undertake. We also like to keep on top of things. If a question comes up, we will deal with it ASAP. And if that question also implies an opportunity to make bookU as a system even better, it is evident that we will seize that opportunity. And fast!


Availabilities & work schedules


Dimona & contracts

Time registration

Time tracker and processing

The manager who was once a student worker

There was once a driven student worker, let's call him Dieter for simplicity. Way back in 2015 or so, Dieter worked as a student worker in the vibrant West Flanders hospitality scene. With passion, but also with some annoyance: Indeed, all day long, Dieter was inundated with endless text messages and confusing phone calls to coordinate his availability. If only there was a way to recruit, schedule and pay out temporary workers effortlessly.

"To become an entrepreneur, you have to be entrepreneurial”, Dieter thought, upon which he decided to develop bookU, an administrative simplification system that even fits in your pocket. News of our former student worker's genius idea spread like wildfire. So when a few years later a virus decided to do the same, they quickly saw the added value of scheduling the many vaccinating volunteers through bookU.


Now, many years later, bookU has grown into a thriving company that prioritises administrative simplification. "And more and more entrepreneurs are discovering the added value of this," shares Dieter. "So the journey has only just begun!"

"Do you also long for a long and happy working life, as well as life after work? Count on the magic of bookU!”

Partners that help going paperless

Not only the features of bookU as a software system, but also the underlying partnerships form the basis of the impact the tool manages to make. Because with a number of social secretariats and employment agencies as partners within the bookU ecosystem, you’ll never have to retype an excel file again.

All aboard the bookU gang!

Are you feeling the Silicon Valley vibes? Or are you annoyed by paperwork like us? Then move off the beaten track, make a U-turn and become part of the bookU gang, an exceptional team that can record great results. We’ll give you that on paper - but digital, of course!

Also looking for a better way to leave the paper behind your passion by the wayside? Try bookU. You have nothing to lose, just your stress.

Questions about bookU?

Looking for more information you'd like to hear directly from us? Or would you like a bookU demo right away? Efficiency and insight are just a few input fields away!