Availabilities & work schedules

Through the planning module, you can switch effortlessly from daily to weekly planning and back again, while assigning (multiple) tasks to employees through drag-and-drop. In an intuitive way and through the right filters, you are given both a clear overall picture and a detailed view of the number of hours per employee.


Work schedules

Requesting the availabilities of your team is effortless through bookU. Publish shifts, request availabilities and let employees self-declare through the app whether they are available or not. As an employer, you choose who gets scheduled, or you let the system do it for you automatically.



For permanent employees
Allows permanent employees to communicate their desired absences through the bookU app. With the handy employee self-service module, managing absences becomes clear and transparent.




Does your employer use bookU? Through this app, you will receive invitations to jobs and can check the schedule and indicate when you want to work!






For temporary workers
Forget WhatsApp, Messenger or text messaging. With bookU, you are in direct contact with student workers and flexi-workers. Open spots in the work schedule they can fill in themselves through the bookU app, or simply communicate their availability themselves.

With bookU, you are ready to tackle various challenges in planning. Our modular and custom configurable solution offers a wide range of options.  

  • Get a clear overview of optimal utilisation.

  • Centralise all your HR partners and regulations in one place.

  • Take advantage of the fast, intuitive drag-and-drop feature.

  • Plan based on insights, both at the team level and individually.

  • Get smart alerts to plan correctly.

  • Make use of reporting and forecasting based on turnover and personnel costs.



"Through bookU, everything will be automatic from now on: from recruitment to the immediate payment of the casual earner."

Guy Van de Poel

SPAR Lichtaart

Why work with bookU for your planning?

Fast and efficient

Direct and uncomplicated communication with your team for quick and accurate planning.

100% correct

An automated process that eliminates errors from manual entry of schedules.


Thanks to the forecast and reporting modules, wage costs can be managed as a function of target turnover.


Availabilities & work schedules


Dimona & contracts

Time registration

Time tracker & payroll processing