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Get Driven helps student drivers and customers on their way with bookU

The tool to help student drivers and customers get on the road correctly


Traffic jams are a boon for Get Driven, Gunther Ghysels's driver services company. Businessmen can work while a student takes over the wheel of their car. That is the business model of Kortrijk-based Get Driven.




"Our drivers are not only used by company managers and liberal professions, but also for e.g. shuttle services at events and to move cars from leasing companies," says the manager. After a start-up phase when he did everything himself - finding customers, planning rides and driving - he now leaves the driving to vetted and well-trained students. Twenty-somethings who have had a driving licence for at least two years.


"On an annual basis, we deploy around 200 drivers, together accounting for at least 36,000 hours a year. To keep contracts, scheduling and time registration running smoothly, we rely on bookU and with success!"



Also fancy a U-turn for your planning, admin and/or time registration? 


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