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As a self-employed retailer under PC 201.000, PC 201.020 or PC 202.010, you are subject to numerous rules with which you must comply. So a lot of paperwork, while at the same time and above all, your shop has to keep running!
bookU provides retailers such as bakers or butchers with the perfect planning tool to smoothly employ flexi-workers, for example! With an easily accessible pocket-sized online tool, you can optimise the operation of your trading business and given the simplicity of the tool, it's even pretty quick! And the credo is 'time is money!' So more time & money to devote to your passion rather than paperwork!

About bookU

One pocket-sized system, countless functions, zero headaches

As an end-to-end solution, bookU offers a wide range of functions, from scheduling and payroll to contract management and reporting. From a mobile-first vision, bookU makes it easy to manage all human resources and admin from one convenient app. That way, you save time. And headaches.

What can you do with bookU?

In one word? Lots! From scheduling staff over contracting and providing Dimonas to time registration per job and per employer. Yet without having to use mountains of paper, spend bags of money and waste hours of time on this. Moreover, we at bookU are all for customisation. So if you need a company or industry-specific functionality, we will gladly (and quickly!) accommodate you.


Availabilities & work schedules
Through the planning module, you can switch effortlessly from daily to weekly planning and back again, while assigning (multiple) tasks to employees through drag-and-drop. In an intuitive way and through the right filters, you are given both a clear overall picture and a detailed view of the number of hours per employee.


Dimona & contracts
No more hassle with daily contracts through bookU's Administration module. Simply upload your templates and let the software do the rest. Moreover, your employees can quickly and easily sign their contracts themselves through the mobile app. That way, you save time and give yourself peace of mind!

Time registration

Time tracker and processing
With this module from bookU, you are guaranteed a fast and correct payroll, regardless of the complexity of work regimes or the number of employees. Whether they are permanent, part-time, flexible or freelance, with bookU you ensure streamlined payroll processing without hassles or irritations.

What do these bakers & butchers have in common?
Their admin runs smoothly, with bookU!

Crèmerie François

bookU: the tried-and-tested recipe for planning

Although they have stuck to their original recipe at Crèmerie François since 1928, bookU as a new tool is sure to please. Whereas using two different planning tools in the past entailed a considerable risk of errors, bookU has for some time now allowed the complete planning to be done in one place.

Also looking for a more unified tool for planning? Melt for the possibilities of bookU!

What can you do

with bookU?

Take the test yourself and get inspired through a demo workshop. In just one session, you will instantly discover all the possibilities of bookU!


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